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St Annes Church, Waterfoot
Internal alternations and refurbishment works to create community centre.
The works comprised of a reduce level dig of the main church floor in order to incorporate a modern insulated concrete slab and under floor heating systems. New kitchen, toilet and entrance accomodation was also constructed but in sympathy with the existing church design and incorporating an overall theme that visually would appear to be in the shape of a ships hull.

Access to the project was extremely dificult and the company went to lengths to ensure that whilst the exteral features of the church were protected, methods of material distribution were employed which would cope with both the restricted access and Health and Safety requirements of the project.

B & E Boys have undertaken work on a number of Church properties over recent years including St Barnabas Church on Penny Lane Liverpool and St Oswald's Church in Winwick which dates back the the 13th century.

Project Value: £227,000
Contract Period: 16 weeks
Consultants: Anthony Grimshaw
Clients: St Annes