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J2 Business Park Hydro
To create a concrete channel and generator house alongside the River Roche to accommodate a 75kw hydro electric turbine.
Works included re-grading of the river bed, installation of cofferdams and temporary support works to enable excavation of a 5m wide channel to a depth of 6m, of which 2m were below the water level. Techniques were employed to enable over 100 cubic metres of concrete to be cast along side a river, creating a new water channel, co-ordinating the lifting of an Archimedes screw into position and then finally grouting into position.
J2 Business Park situated near B&Q Warehouse Bury on the M66 is home to Bury Black Puddings who will utilise much of the electricity generated.
The original water workings date back to 1766 and a date stone has been retained in original position as part of the new installation.

Project Value: £400,000
Contract Period: 18 weeks
Consultants: TJB Associates Rochdale
Clients: J2 Hydro Limited, Oxfordshire