Situated in Hale Village, Cheshire

Refurbishment project to fire damaged property in conservation area

This building is set within a conservation area and required rebuilding, reroofing and rethatching of the cottage that had suffered significant fire damage. The work involved was both complex and varied, including masonry works, internal works, internal joinery works and replacement of the softwood timber staircase and internal decoration works. M&E works were carried out and other works included the likes of the provision of a new kitchen and sanitary fittings, fireplace works and provision of floor covering. The centrepiece of the property is its roof. The traditional thatched roof was constructed using solid timber spars and solid oak timber trusses, and using traditional skills. As well as the thatch roofing works, timber joist and truss works were completed. Other works completed on the project included the provision of scaffolding, asbestos removal works and a variety of external works – decorations to timber, masonry and metal and landscaping, paving and driveway works.