Situated in Horwich, Greater Manchester

Construction of a brand new two-storey teaching block, a single storey extension to an existing Science Prep Room, as well as a new staff car park

There were various milestones added to the timeline of the project. The car park was the first aspect to be completed over the summer holiday, then the Science Prep Room extension was completed by Christmas. Finally, the 40m x 20m two-storey teaching block was completed by Easter.

The block, comprised of aluminium windows and traditional brickwork, has been added onto an existing building on the St. Joseph’s site. The ground floor housed a new reception area, as well as office space for admin staff and the Business Manager’s office, and the Headteacher’s office. Elsewhere on the ground floor of the new block are a library space and ICT and Drama facilities. To the second floor, the extension features a toilet block and ten new classrooms.